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I had a great experience with this company. Last week, I couldn’t find my car key and my spare key was not working. I had a difficult time choosing online because of my bad experience with my previous car locksmith (my spare key wouldn’t work!). But as soon as I came across their website, I thought to myself that maybe this company will be different. And they really are different. After I called them early in the morning and received a fair quotation, they sent over their very friendly and courteous locksmith in only a few minutes. Their service was very fast and reliable. Their locksmith even suggested a safe place to hide the spare key. I will not hesitate to call them again next time!

Hazel Crook

We were on our way to a concert when I discovered that I had a broken car door lock. I needed to get it fixed immediately if I wanted to attend the concert and maybe not lose my car in the parking lot. I called this company as suggested highly by my parents. They gave me a fair price and sent over their friendly professional locksmith. I thought it will take all night and that I couldn’t attend the concert already. I was really happy because to my surprise, they were able to fix it immediately. Now I can understand why my parents speak highly of them. They really work fast and is very affordable and reliable. I will call them again next time I have a problem.

Jason Thompson

I had a tough Monday this week, I had a very important business meeting in the afternoon and to begin my day, I locked myself outside the car with the keys inside. Since it was the first time that it happened to me I didn’t know who to call. I searched online and called the first car locksmith I could find. I stressed that it was an emergency, they told me to calm down and let them take care of the rest. They arrived within thirty minutes and fixed the problem faster than I imagined they could. I also expected higher price because of the fast service but to my surprise, the price was very reasonable. Now I know who to call if ever I have problem with my car keys. I also suggested them already to my friends and family.

Thomas Meade

I needed to have my set of keys replaced. I asked my car dealer how much it will take to do the job and they asked me for a fortune. So I looked for a car locksmith company around my area and came across this company’s website and called them. I liked them right away because of their very friendly staff who accommodated me. I asked for a quotation and their price was so much cheaper than what my car dealer quoted me! So I didn’t look for another locksmith company and agreed on a schedule and price with them. When they came, I can say that their locksmith was very friendly, professional and his work was fast and with high quality. I highly recommend this company!

Patricia Cox

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