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Car Key Replacement

We are able to provide key replacement for all car brands. Customers need not wait for days to get new car keys.

Laser Key Cut

Laser key cutting requires a highly specialized and sophisticated machine to create a new one, we have them.

Ignition Repair

When it comes to car ignition repair, our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the service that we provide.

Transponder Programming

Our crew well trained to operate a state-of-the art machine that enables locksmiths to reprogram transponder keys.

Car Locksmith Company In San Diego California

A vehicle lockout, misplaced or broken car keys can ruin someone’s busy day.  You have relied so much on your car as part of your everyday life that you keenly feel the inconvenience a car lockout situation brings. We understand that such accidents do happen, and we, a San Diego Car locksmith business, is here to help.  Instead of letting these things ruin your day, our comprehensive and complete range of automotive locksmith services will ease your stress and worry. We acknowledge that there is a need for competent and reliable automotive locksmith services, and that is the very core of our company – to meet customers at the point of their need.  We know that the vehicle owners of San Diego and its surrounding areas deserve the best automotive locksmith products and services.

Located within the vicinity of San Diego and North County in the state of California, this San Diego locksmith Car Company has been around for many years.  Our years of experience, combined with our never-ending desire to be trained and to learn, have given us a keen sense of customers’ needs, and we have also learned to anticipate the trends in the market. Because of this, we are way ahead of the competition not only in terms of state-of-the-art locksmith tools and equipment, but also training and equipping our expert locksmiths on the latest movements in the industry.  We strive to be ahead of the competition not for anything else but because we aspire to serve our customers better.

Choosing the Right Car Locksmith

How do you know that you are getting the best automotive locksmith San Diego service?  You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, many locksmith companies also promise a lot of things, why should I trust Pro Keys 4 Cars?” For one thing, our reputation in the area and even in the industry has preceded us.  We are one of the most sought-after.  The volume of our customers can attest to the fact that we are known to do the job well, and offer value-for-money.  Even our competitors have made us a benchmark for the range and quality of our services. However, we will leave you to decide for yourself.  We encourage you to give Car Locksmith San Diego a call anytime during the day.  Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff will assist you. 

So how will you choose the right San Diego Car locksmith that’s right for you?  It is best to think about such things now because during times of real emergency, when you really need to call a locksmith company, we should already have a pre-chosen and pre-determined company in mind. The first factor is accessibility.  Is the company near enough to come to your aid when needed?  Second is range of services.  What is the range of services that they offer?  Third is expertise.  How good are the products and services of this company?  What do past customers have to say about them? Fourth is value for money.  Ask yourself if the cost of products and services are worth it.

Range of Auto Locksmith Services We Offer

We have been a long-time benchmark in the car locksmith industry for creating a comprehensive line of services suited to the clients’ needs.

These San Diego car locksmith services are products of well-thought out planning and observing the needs of customers.  We do not merely add to our list of services for the sake of just having a lot to offer to our clients.  From different key replacements of various car makes and models, to ignition repair, duplication of vehicle, and key programming, our skilled and licensed technicians are able to competently assist you.

More than the quantity of our services, we focus on quality.  We match quality and quantity successfully.  We also makes sure that the services we offer are executed properly.  How do we do this?  We do this by providing extensive training to our team of experts.  Despite the fact that we have years of experience doing this, we are continuously learning and evolving.  We acknowledge the changes in the industry, and we strive to learn new things year after year. 

All our staff is equipped with the knowledge of automotive locksmith services. Our customer service staff, even if they are not doing field work or working in the technical aspects of the company, have ample knowledge and can sufficiently answer queries.


The intangible service we offer is peace of mind.  At the end of the day, we know that we have served our customers well when we have put a smile on their faces.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

In our effort to be ahead of the competition, we has established a reputation of trust and reliability in the San Diego area.  Many of our clients can attest to our personalized customer service that does not discriminate.  When we are in front of our clients, our main objective is always customer satisfaction.  From our customer support staff who take your calls 24/7, to our professional experts who arrive at the location, to our trained technicians who replace all types of keys, our entire team at Pro Keys 4 Cars is committed to providing unmatched service.  Most of our customers throughout the years are referrals from past customers who were very satisfied with our services.

One of our main priorities is security and protection.  We understand that clients call a San Diego auto locksmith because they need help opening a very personal and valuable item in their life.  We know that clients who need our assistance feel vulnerable, and it is our job to make them feel secure and safe again.  We may just provide locksmith services and key replacements, but the underlying service that we provide is safety and security. That kind of mindset is what we try to imbibe in all of our staff.  We need to go beyond the tangible services that we provide and think about protecting our clients and their valuable possessions.

When it comes to the best automotive locksmith San Diego, we confidently and proudly say that our company is the best because our entire organization works so hard to give excellent service day and night.